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 If your A/c is not working properly, see us.

McKenna Automotive Services is a leader in Automotive Air Conditioning repair and service.


25 Years of troubleshooting, repairing and installing A/c systems.

Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MAC’S) and ASE Certified.

We fix those difficult A/c problems that most others give up on.

We service and repair A/C Systems with FREON, R12, R134A, and R1234YF (the new stuff).

We repair hoses, condensers, and lines with our aluminum welding procedure.


Do you have a limousine, van, light truck or an SUV with leaking rear A/c lines?

We have a permanent, custom repair for a fraction of the cost of dealer replacement.

Don’t just eliminate the rear air, let us fix it.

If it’s a problem with your a/c compressor, accumulator / drier, expansion valve, condenser, evaporator core, hoses, lines or electrical, we can fix it.

Have a leak and can’t find it, leave it with us, we will find it.  

Many repairs come with a lifetime warranty.

The Basics Behind Air Conditioning System Services at McKenna Automotive:

Car air conditioning systems promote a comfortable cabin interior and help prevent driver fatigue. During normal vehicle operation, a substantial amount of heat is created by the engine, exhaust, and exterior contributors like the road and sun beating down on your metal body (Dark cars anyone?). Your vehicle’s AC system is responsible for cooling, purifying, and circulating air. Your air conditioning system works through a series of processes that involve refrigerant (R12, R134a, R1234YF). In your vehicle, the refrigerant is responsible for removing heat from the cabin compartment. Refrigerant goes through a continuous cycle of air compression that is dependent on your compressor’s drive belt. The compressor pumps the refrigerant through the system where it is transformed from a hot gas into a liquid and then cooled. Through a number of other components, such as the condenser, compressor, and evaporator, the liquid is again processed into a gas, pressurized, and vaporized before being released into the cabin as cool air.

We provided a simple video to help you understand. 

Typical A/c System


Antique, Custom / Modification, Discontinued or Hard To Get lines and hoses are our specialty. Call us today!

Why Should You Have Air Conditioning System Services Performed at McKenna Automotive Services?

Like most aspects of car maintenance, treating a problem with your vehicle’s air conditioning system early can help prevent major repairs in the future. For example, an air conditioning system operating on low refrigerant due to a leak or improper charge will eventually damage the air conditioning compressor. A failure of the air conditioning compressor can lead to contamination of the entire air conditioning system with debris. Replacing or repairing the compressor can be more expensive than repairing the leak and refilling with the proper amount of refrigerant and oil. Some symptoms to beware of regarding a faulty air conditioning system include an inoperative fan or blower, an unusual amount of noise during regular operation, and, of course, reduced cooling capability. Stale smelling air is another sign that something is wrong with your vehicle’s air conditioner. A clogged compressor, evaporator, condenser, or expansion valve can contribute to AC system failure. Routine maintenance now can help you avoid major AC repairs down the road.

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